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Welcome to Auburn

Welcome to Auburn University and east-central Alabama, an area filled with scenic natural beauty and a wealth of possibility. Whether you are a student arriving to earn a degree, a parent or a visitor, you’ll find the area has much to offer in education, recreation, nature, history, culture and more.

The larger Auburn and Opelika communities are frequently cited as top places to start a business and enjoy recreational activities, with the city of Auburn being named in 2009 as a top 10 place to live by U.S. News & World Report, largely due to its small-town ambience and the university. That same publication has also ranked Auburn among the top 50 public universities nationally for 18 consecutive years, while a 2005-06 Harvard survey ranked Auburn as one of the top six colleges and universities in the country for junior faculty to work. These are some of the reasons why 95 percent of our alumni say that if they could start college over again, they would again choose Auburn.

Auburn University offers degrees in nearly 150 bachelor’s, 130 master’s and 96 doctoral fields. However, you don’t have to be a student to reap Auburn’s benefits. Auburn’s research programs in the sciences, engineering, veterinary medicine, education and more have built better roads, created safer foods and healthier pets, enhanced natural resources and improved K-12 programs and the area’s quality of life. Through its outreach, Auburn applies its knowledge and skills for the direct benefit to the people in the communities of Alabama and beyond.


As a result of its strong academic, research and outreach efforts, the university is able to provide a $4.85 billion economic contribution to the state of Alabama, including a $1.7 billion direct impact on the economy. The university is also the primary source of instruction and research for Alabama’s aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, biotech and wireless technology industries.

We hope you will find your time here on “the loveliest village of the plain” most rewarding and discover why more than 270,000 alumni worldwide are proud to be part of the Auburn Family.

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