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Where do you go to find your textbooks for your upcoming semester? Are you the first in the family to attend college, attending a different school or just doing your homework before you start your college career? No matter what your situation, always look at all the options. Off-campus textbook stores can offer a cost-effective alternative. A short walk off campus can help you keep more valuable money in your pocket.

Off-campus bookstores offer textbooks at a really great price. At the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, our students have the option to purchase or even rent textbooks. Very few universities have the option of renting textbooks; an alternative to buying that can save as much as 50 percent on your book bill.

Textbooks usually have a short lifespan on the shelf. New editions are frequently produced that have slightly different content or focus. Also, in today’s world, discoveries are being made every day that need to be added to textbooks to keep the information current. How long will that textbook be able to offer you the most recent information?

All bookstores are usually ready for the semester one to two weeks before the first day of class. However, some changes can occur before the first day of school. Many will encourage you to attend class on the first day and obtain the book information listed on your syllabi. To avoid unnecessary hassles, it is always best to determine the sales and return policies for any bookstore before you obtain your textbooks.

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